The Green Brigade have directed a short response to Livingston after the Scottish Premiership club slammed "unacceptable and unapproved" displays in the match against Celtic.

Livingston chiefs had been left frustrated after agreements over a one-stand display were ignored. Celtic supporters instead took part in a three-stand display at the league fixture.

Supporters first held aloft a banner commemorating the Easter Rising with the display featuring the lyrics from Freedom's Sons alongside the faces of seven prominent figures - who were executed for their involvement - in the Irish uprising against British rule.

The major display - which featured the faces of Patrick Pearse, James Connolly, Tom Clarke, Seán Mac Diarmada, Joseph Plunkett, Éamonn Ceannt and Thomas MacDonagh - read: "Born into slavery they were freedom's sons".

Celtic supporters then revealed a second display against Livingston ahead of the second half.

A green display with yellow text read: "Hold on to our title Bhoys, don't give up the dream."

Yellow and green smoke bombs were also set off amongst the visiting support with smoke covering the stand behind Joe Hart's goal for the second half.

Livingston called out a number of issues at the match and confirmed a probe into the incidents is underway.

Despite the strongly worded statement - which condemned an unchecked banner being brought into the ground through an emergency gate and supporters being allowed trackside to display a second banner - on the "utterly unacceptable" incident, the fan group delivered a short response on social media.

A short post on social media tagging Livingston - and accompanied with footage of the match displays - read: "Don't worry, be happy @LiviFCOfficial".

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The Livingston statement read: "There were a number of issues which arose before and during Sunday’s match with Celtic which we, as a club, feel we need to address.

"Prior to this fixture, a visiting supporters group called “The Green Brigade”, via the Celtic SLO, requested a Tifo display in all three stands allocated to the Celtic support and to have a banner displayed along the front of the East Stand. The banner was to read “You Play for Us and We’ll Sing for You”.

"This request was refused and instead, permission was granted for a Tifo and banner display in the South Stand only.

"This matter was discussed at the pre-match meeting, held in the week leading up to the match, where representatives from the club, Celtic FC, Amberstone (our steward company) and a delegate from the SPFL were all present. The agreement for a Tifo and banner display in the South Stand was understood by all in attendance.

"On match-day around an hour prior to kick off,  a further request for a Tifo display in all three stands was requested by the same visiting supporters group and was again refused.

"Against the instruction of the club and police, the banner was allowed into the ground, unchecked, through an emergency gate that was opened due to safety concerns. The banner was then displayed along the front of the East Stand – again, against the agreed procedure.

"It was then deemed that this banner and the Tifo display would be allowed to continue on the grounds of public safety for those in the ground and to prevent further disorder that may have delayed the kick off or jeopardised the game going ahead.

"At the start of second half a further unapproved banner was then unfurled. The banner itself wasn’t an issue as such however, again, visiting supporters were permitted access trackside to display the banner which is wholly and utterly unacceptable.

"Full discussions are ongoing with external partners who were working at the stadium on Sunday to find out why a number of these incidents were allowed to happen and what steps will be taken to ensure there is no repeat in future fixtures. Going forward, it may well be that no banners or flags at all, of any nature, will be permitted in to the ground as an immediate way of preventing this but this will be discussed in full to ensure an outcome which prevents a repeat at future fixtures."

It added: "All in all, certainly a disappointing day on all fronts relating to the above issues. We’re well aware that certain elements on the day weren’t acceptable and whilst conversations will be happening with all partners involved, we’ll also be having further discussions internally as to how we can attempt to reduce the number of concerns on these games.

"We appreciate the frustrations from our own supporters on these events and absolutely share that sentiment."