Three alternative venues that Dundee vs Rangers could be played at have been named.

The SPFL confirmed yesterday afternoon that should Dens Park not be playable for a THIRD time relating to this fixtures, then it will be moved elsewhere.

Dundee is under serious pressure to get the match played, with the post-split fixtures potentially hinging on the result.

The pitch failed its latest inspection by referee Don Robertson on Wednesday afternoon, meaning the game with Philippe Clement's side had to be rearranged again.

The Ibrox club blasted their 'negligence and unprofessionalism,' over the matter, while Dundee are now the subject of disciplinary proceedings by the SPFL.

Dundee has been against moving the game to a different venue in order to give it the go-ahead. 

However, if the Daily Mail's report is accurate, then it seems the Dens side has changed its tune.

In order to diminish the risk of a third postponement, the report states that Dundee have held talks with Hibernian, St Johnstone and St Mirren over potentially playing the match at their respective homes.

A decision on a move to a different venue is expected to be made by the league at noon on Tuesday at the latest.

Eric Drysdale, Dundee's secretary, attempted to pin blame on the adverse weather for the poor condition of the playing surface, but Clement was having none of it.

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He said: "It could have been avoided by playing at another venue because everyone knew what the situation was. It's pointed at the club. They didn't do the right things to have a decent football field.

"It's happened several times already this season, so that needs to be solved. Otherwise, we cannot play the game. We offered the option (of playing at a neutral venue) but it was not accepted. So it will be next week. But we saw on Tuesday morning, it was possible to play, but a few hours later, it was impossible.

"We cannot put the blame on the weather. In the same evening, a local team played in Dundee and the pitch of Dundee United is perfect. They play every week. So we cannot say it's because of the weather. We have no guarantee it will not rain next week.

"The last thing I hear is that we will hear on Tuesday at 12pm where we will play on Wednesday."