Celtic stare down their last fixture of the current campaign this weekend – the Scottish Cup Final 2024 against city rivals Rangers.

The match marks the fifth and final time the sides will lock horns this season, but the match holds further significance to one player in particular.

Joe Hart, a stalwart of the Parkhead side for the last three years, will call time on his stay at Celtic and his footballing career in general.

The 37-year-old has already clinched six trophies at Paradise so far, and has his eyes on one more before hanging up his gloves.

Manager Brendan Rodgers understands that his players require little in the way of extra motivation for a cup final of this stature, but admits doing so for their number 1 will inevitably play its part at the national stadium on Saturday.

"I think that will be there for Joe, there will certainly be an understanding, this being his last professional game," Rodgers said in an interview with Celtic TV.

"He's been absolutely brilliant in his time here, and we would all love to send him off into the sunset with another trophy to his collection and finish off what has been an absolutely incredible career.

"But Joe likewise is very focused. He's won another league title, and now he's lasered in on helping the team in the Scottish Cup."

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The Celtic manager then explained that he and his players' game plan doesn't change despite the magnitude of the upcoming because they always set out to win, no matter the circumstances.

He added: "We set out every game to win. We know we have to stop the opposition playing, we have to defend well, we have to be aggressive. But our intent going into every game is to win – cup game or not, it's the same idea.

"There are no second chances, whether that's a semi-final or a final, and that's our attitude. We arrive into it in really good form, but that doesn't mean anything.

"We still have to prepare thoroughly this week, look after all the details in the game, and then give the guys the best opportunity to be free, and play the type of football that we want to play.

"I'm so proud of the players, how they've dealt with the circumstances and the pressure that they were under in the last nine games or so – to come out with that record of eight wins and one draw, and the draw we should win. That shows you the focus and humility of the team.

"But we're in a final, and finals are there to win."