An alleged promotional image of the leaked Celtic kit for the 2024/25 season has appeared online, showcasing the kit in full for the first time.

As worn by Celtic forward Kyogo Furuhashi, the full kit showcases the new Adidas kit's most divisive features – including the dart-like bands that run from the bottom seam towards the underarm of the top.

This design appears to also feature on the kit's shorts, with a thick dark green band appearing to wrap around the shorts' back side. As seen below, the socks are white with dark and light green turn-downs, with "Celtic" stitched into the material above a dark green Adidas logo.

Fans generally seem split on the kit so far, with one supporter saying: "Wouldn’t be half bad if it weren’t for the sleeves and whatever that dark green slash is on the bottom."

Another replied: "Dark green slash is part of the new template unfortunately for all Adidas clubs."

One fan even suggested the alleged 2024/25 hoops mimics that of the kits found in 2006 video game Pro Evolution Soccer 6. They said: "It's giving Pro Evo in 2006."

After which another replied: "Good shout. In fact Adidas might be happy you've said that because I do think they were going for the 04-06 teamgeist look with this new template."

Celtic have one more game of the current campaign remaining – Saturday's Scottish Cup Final 2024 encounter with Rangers.

After that, we're likely to see more official communications from the club and Adidas regarding their kits for the 2024/25 campaign.