The Celtic home shirt for the 2024/25 campaign is out in the wild, however next season's away and third kits remain as yet unveiled.

If online leaks are to be believed, it appears next year's alternative colours will indeed follow the yellow-green Seville-era palette suggested by Footy Headlines some time ago.

There have also been one or two third kit concepts doing the rounds of late in the usual corners of the internet, but again, nothing has been officially confirmed at this moment in time.

All of which makes FIFA Kit Creator – a free-to-use online creation suite that lets users formulate custom EAFC and FIFA kits using a wide variety of templates, patterns and graphics – feel like an absolute gold mine at this time of year.

You would have to assume the designers at Adidas don't scour the Celtic library of user-made kits on this site (although I can't say this with absolute certainty), but would it be the worst thing if they did?

The answer to this is both yes and no. For example, I'd bite your hand off for this as next season's third kit:

(Image: FIFAKitCreator)

But I'm definitely not keen on this '90s-era throwback:

(Image: FIFAKitCreator)

There's something about this retro-inspired number that I really like: 

(Image: FIFAKitCreator)

But I'm not at all sure about any of this: 

(Image: FIFAKitCreator)

Food for thought for the folks at Adidas, then?

Probably not, but definitely worth a gander for Celtic supporters keenly awaiting official news on next season's away and third kits all the same. Check out the full range of inventive Celtic third kit concept creations on the FIFA Kit Creator website.   

Have a look and let us know which ones are your favourites. Or, better still, create your own and send it our way while we wait for the official line from Celtic in the coming weeks.