Gary Lineker has come under fire for a tongue-in-cheek remark on Steve Clarke.

The broadcaster was accused of being "very disrespectful" to the Scotland manager after an interview aired on BBC yesterday.

Lineker - covering the Euros for the BBC - joked over Clarke's "energy and enthusiasm" in an interview with Eilidh Barbour.

Journalist Barbour ended the interview with a piece to camera stating: "Steve thank you very much and the Scotland fans are currently dancing in the rain in Cologne, let's see if they're dancing in here tomorrow night."

Then, from the studio, a chuckling Lineker added: "Well you have got to love Steve Clarke's energy and enthusiasm there, haven't you?"

The broadcaster then quickly moved on to discuss the standings in Scotland's Group A ahead of the match against Switzerland on Wednesday night.

The on-air comment was quickly highlighted on social media with radio presenter Ewen Cameron branding Lineker a "t**t" over the incident.

He wrote: "Here’s @GaryLineker being a t**t.

"Do you think he’d say the same thing about boring, I’d rather watch paint dry Gareth Southgate?

"Doubt it."

One member of the Tartan Army commented: "Just saw that. Very disrespectful to Sir Stevie."

Another social media user wrote: "Was that a dig by Gary Lineker at Steve Clarke? Unnecessary IMO."

And a third added: "Gary Lineker making sarcy comments about Steve Clarke's 'energy and enthusiasm'."

However, some users agreed with Lineker's take on the interview.

One said: "Have to agree with Lineker on this one.

"This guy is supposed to be convincing us that we’ll be up for it tomorrow night.

"Instead all we’re getting is that they’re a really good team…. Another backs to the wall job is incoming."

And a second added: "What did Lineker say that was wrong? He’s absolutely spot on."