IT’S been a while since Celtic were on the losing end against Rangers, but they can take it from me, they don’t want to experience that feeling.

It’s amazing when you win these games, but when you lose them, you just don’t want to get your head up off the pillow. It’s an absolute nightmare when you lose them, and everyone feels it around the club from the kit-man to the tea-lady.

When you win them, you are celebrating for the next three months until the next one comes along.

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There’s no one bigger than the other one, even this one on Sunday. Yes, there is a place in the cup final up for grabs, but Rangers still have second to play for when the league fixture rolls around, so they all mean as much as any other.

I think that it’s great to have these games back on a regular basis, and it’s great to see Rangers back. The supporters can rub each other’s noses in the results and what have you, but the fans love these games.

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I enjoyed these games and I scored lot of goals in them, and some big last-minute goals too. I loved playing in them, and I think the fans enjoy them too – at least when they win.