Former Celtic star Didier Agathe was back in the Hoops at the weekend in Sunday’s charity match at Celtic Park, and he felt a real sense of familiarity around his old stomping ground.

That’s because he reckons that current manager Brendan Rodgers is cut from the same cloth as his former Celtic boss Martin O’Neill, and he has delivered the same feel-good factor to the club since taking over.

Agathe, who spent six years at the club after joining back in September 2000, said: "There are similarities between Brendan Rodgers and Martin O'Neill. I think the main one is man-management. “They also both liked to entertain and the fans enjoyed the football. I was very happy to be part of it. “Martin did a lot for my career but we are what we are because of the fans. It is a privilege to play in front of 60,000 fans at Celtic.

“I'm not scared about what lies ahead for this side because I really like the manager, Brendan Rodgers. “Before the charity game, in the warm-up he came over and spoke to me. I felt privileged because I really like the guy. He knew all about my career and he is a guy you can learn from.”

Agathe was part of the last Celtic side to win the treble in his debut season, so he knows the pressure that comes with following such a feat.

Going further in European competition would be a start, and Agathe hopes that at least competing in the group stages of the continent’s premier competition becomes the norm under Rodgers.

"It will be easier if they qualify for the Champions League,” he said. “If they do that then that will keep their standards very high across at least the opening half of the season.

"So, they need to do that. But what they have done this past season is incredible. Maybe people outwith the country think that it's easy to win a treble in Scotland. But it is not.

“When you have won a treble, people expect a lot from Celtic. People will be expecting them to be good in Europe. I think a club the size of Celtic should be in the Champions League group stages every year.”