I must confess, like probably 99% of Celtic supporters, I know little about the latest arrival into Brendan Rodgers’ squad, 19-year-old Kundai Benyu from Ipswich.

But if he proves to be half as good as the last player that Celtic sourced from that level, then he will have been an absolute bargain.

Moussa Dembele arrived at Celtic Park for the bargain price of just £500,000 from Fulham last season, and he has proven to be outstanding value for money, and will earn Celtic an absolutely astronomical profit when the time does come for him to move on.

Similarly to Dembele, going by reports this kid from Ipswich has a bit about him as well, and Celtic are shrewd to take advantage once again of the cross-border rules that allow them to pick these players up on the cheap.

In a marketplace where the English clubs have such a huge advantage, it is a great way for Celtic and other Scottish clubs to redress the balance somewhat.

Of course, you then still have to persuade these young prospects that the best move for their career is to leave the supposed land of milk and honey down south to continue their development at Celtic.

Obviously, the lure of Champions League football is an attractive carrot, but the fact that the club can hold up Moussa Dembele as the poster boy for what the move can do for you as a player is massive.

If you are good enough as a young player, you will get a chance at Celtic to ply your trade against some of Europe’s best players, and test yourself at that level.

And as Dembele has shown, the move can raise your profile, and it certainly hasn’t hampered his international prospects as he continues to turn out for France under-21s.

So, let’s hope that Celtic have unearthed another gem. It’s a low-risk signing strategy, and if they have got it right, then the rewards could be tremendous.