WITH the chat around Kieran Tierney and Moussa Dembele’s futures of late, it is difficult for Celtic supporters to contemplate losing star players to mid-table English sides, but the unfortunate truth is that these clubs can blow Celtic away financially.

Television money in has meant that these clubs can operate at a different financial level than Celtic can. Swansea City for example, got £135million last season for going down. It’s absolutely crazy.

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It’s an inflated market there and it frustrates me that teams will try to get Celtic players on the cheap. If Kieran Tierney was playing for West Ham, for example, how much would the fees that are being talked about rise to?

Celtic let Virgil van Dijk go on the cheap. He has now gone for £75million, so why can’t a club come in and pay Celtic the massive money they deserve for nurturing that talent? Why do players have to go down to England to prove themselves when Celtic are playing in the Champions League and the Scottish league is getting more and more competitive? It rankles with me.