I fell out with every manager I ever had.

I remember one day being berated by Martin O’Neill at Celtic. He said to me, ‘You know, John, we are playing a game called football. Sometimes, maybe just every now and then, you actually have to run. You might want to move. Do you know why I took you off? Because you hadn’t moved for 20 minutes…’

What do you say to that?

Glasgow Times:
John Hartson

So I was pleased to see Leigh Griffiths get his goal on Saturday. He has been out a long time and it is good to see him back but right now he needs to keep his head down, do the right things off of the park and listen to what people are telling him.

That means eating the right food, drinking the right things, resting and keeping his name out of the headlines.

He is a talented boy. We all love him and know what he brings when he is on the park. The boy is a natural goalscorer and if he plays the game and does as his manager wants then he’ll get the chance to go out there and show everyone what he has still got.