Back in the day when I was at Celtic, Henrik Larsson was the man for penalties.

On the odd occasion when he was out of the team injured he would let whoever had taken the responsibility for spot kicks keep taking them until they missed or didn’t want to take one.

There were plenty of us who would put our hand up – myself, Stan Petrov and Chris Sutton would all take them.

It takes a lot of nerve to put yourself in that position and the best players in the world have missed from the spot.

So I don’t think you can point the finger too much at Scott Sinclair. He missed in the League Cup final last month and then again at the weekend but if there is no-one else willing or wanting to take them, then he deserves credit for always putting himself out there.

And for all that there has been a finger pointed at Sinclair this season, I don’t think that you can claim his confidence is down or he is struggling – look at his goals. If I were in his shoes I’d be using them to tell people to quieten down.

He should have had a hat-trick on Saturday, he had a hat-trick against Aberdeen on Boxing Day and I think he remains pivotal to the way that Brendan Rodgers wants to play. So when he says that he plans to stay on penalty duties, I don’t doubt it.