Here we go again.

It is Leicester this time who are after Brendan Rodgers.

I can see why they would want him and why he is still very attractive to clubs in England but I am stubborn and I am going to hold true to what I genuinely believe here – I don’t think Brendan Rodgers is going anywhere.

I’ll stress that is an opinion and nothing more. I have not asked him. I have not spoken to him or anyone close to him.

But what I will say is that in any dealings I have had with Brendan in recent years he has always stressed just how happy he is in his work at Glasgow. He loves the club. He is settled in a nice area just outside the city and he has always spoken of just how much he has enjoyed his life in Glasgow.

I see the attraction of Leicester. They are very wealthy. They play in one of the top leagues in the world and there would be money to spend.

But I would still argue that in terms of clubs, Leicester are nowhere near Celtic. And I say that with the greatest respect.

They are a fabulous club to deal with, they are well organised, well run, but will you get the same adulation at Leicester that you do at Celtic? Not a chance.

And I know I have said it before, but for me it is vital for Brendan to leave a legacy at Celtic. He can be the man not just to take them to ten-in-a-row but to 11, to 12, to 13, to 14…if the board go on and back him this summer then it could be anything.

There could be no let up to just how dominant Celtic are in a domestic sense.

I don’t agree that there is a natural shelf life for a manager at either Celtic or Rangers. Walter Smith didn’t feel the need to go after three seasons, did he? Martin O’Neill had five.

I don’t see it because I just don’t think that winning ever gets tired. And the way that things are set up now, Brendan can be the man who puts himself right up there with the very best.

He takes Celtic to ten and he is a legend in his own right.

And it is so close now that you can almost taste it. It is within touching distance.

I honestly believe there is pulling power in that because any manager who does an unprecedented ten does something no-one has achieved before. As I said last week, he will walk on water.

I still think there are other challenges outwith that. I thought the performance over in Valencia last week gave food for thought ahead of this summer’s UEFA Champions League qualifiers.

I thought Celtic played very well against a good team and if the board are prepared to allow him to go and cherry pick two or three players this summer that can really strengthen the team that there is no reason why you can’t be looking at building some foundations in Europe.

I know that all things eventually come to an end. I just don’t think this is Brendan’s time to go just yet. There is a lot left for him to do at Celtic and I think he is still excited by the challenge of that. He is also still a very young manager. At just 46, Brendan has a lot of time still in the managerial game.

He will always attract the interest of clubs south of the border not just because of what he is doing at Celtic but also because of what he has already done down there. He has had a taste of the Premier League so he knows what it is about. It isn’t like he is in a rush to get there.

My own feeling is that if he gets Celtic to ten in a row then after that he would maybe fancy going to work abroad in Spain or Italy. He is an intelligent man, he has a few languages up his sleeve and I think that is something that would really appeal to him.

But for now, I think he wants a triple treble. I think he knows that gives him the chance to write another little note into the history books. He is not the kind that will have his head turned by any of the chat. None of us know what he is thinking and unless there is a formal offer made to him you don’t know what way he will go. But right now I have seen nothing and heard nothing from Brendan that would give me any indication that he is looking for an out.

He is happy at Celtic and I think he will stay and make history at Celtic.