This season has been shocking in terms of the number of incidents with coins and bottles thrown at players and officials. It is shocking. The glass bottle of booze thrown at Scott Sinclair on Saturday night was a shameful example of more moronic behaviour. But I am sick of talking about it. Who is doing anything about it? We can't wring our hands and speak about how disgraceful it is every week. What is actually going to be done to punish the idiots responsible? You can't throw a coin at someone. You can't thrown a bottle. You do this in the street and you are in jail before your feet touch the ground so why is it different in a football environment? It's time that club and police got together to identify the culprits and get them into a courtroom. You have to deal with it. It was the same at Pittodrie on Sunday, Who picks up a chair and lobs it towards a group of people? You throw something into a crowd and you have no way of knowing where it is going to land or who you are hitting. Hit a kid on the head and it could be desperately serious. All over a game of football. It's disgusting. It's time to come down hard on anyone these idiots.