CELTIC fans still reeling after the sudden and surprise departure of their manager Brendan Rodgers, despite his professed love for the Parkhead club, before completing a potential triple treble should brace themselves for more devastating news this summer.

For Mark Wilson, the former full-back, has predicted that Kieran Tierney, whose affection for the Glasgow outfit is also renowned, could very well follow his mentor to England during the close season.

Wilson believes it is inevitable that a Premier League club will finally table a substantial bid for the 21-year-old – who he is confident is worth at least £15m in the current transfer market – in the coming months.

And he wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Scotland internationalist decides to move down south and further his career – not to mention top up his bank balance – after four seasons as a first team regular in this country.

“There will be a bid someone down the line this summer for Kieran Tierney,” said Wilson at a Ladbrokes media event in Glasgow yesterday.

“He has proved himself for a good number of years now. Clubs may just think: ‘Okay, this is the year we go and do it’. Whether it is Leicester or some other club, I don’t know. I think it’s got to (be a concern).

Celtic fans are right in thinking it’s a huge club. They’re massive. It’s a massive honour to play for Celtic. But the reality is, we’ve seen it last week, a mid-table club in England can offer X amount that will blow anything Celtic can manage out of the water.

“As much as Kieran Tierney loves playing for Celtic, and has a great relationship with the fans, I’ve no doubts there will be a part of him that wants to go to the top level. He might say it’s not about money, but potentially he’ll know he can earn £100,000 a week like Andy Robertson at Liverpool.

“If I was him and playing left-back for Celtic, playing the way I was also for Scotland, and seeing someone doing the exact same at Liverpool, it would only be natural for me to think ‘I’m as good as him, I can get to a Champions League final, I can potentially go down there and win the Premier League with a top team and I could potentially earn a £100,000 a week.

“It would only be natural to think like that. Celtic fans have to be realistic and appreciate that day might come for Tierney. I think it might come this summer. I’m not saying he’s going to leave, but I think we’ll see a team that will put in a concrete bid for him.”

But won’t the chance to stay and lead Celtic to 10-In-A-Row persuade him to stay at Parkhead at least a little bit longer?

“That’s a big ask and only Kieran could tell you that,” he said. “But there would obviously be that thought in the back of your mind. What if that offer never comes again?’ People would say 10-in-a-row wouldn’t likely come around again either. But money does talk.

“But, again, the one I’d look at is Andy Robertson. You see him playing in the Champions League final after a few years in England. Being honest, that’s what every player wants to play and wants to achieve.

“So, as much as the Celtic fans want him to stay, and I’d love him to stay because he’s a brilliant footballer to watch for Celtic and within Scottish football, I just think players want to play at the top level.

“And that’s unfortunately where the Celtic manager’s gone also. It would be a sore one if the day did come for Tierney to go. But Celtic fans will be hoping the lure of nine and 10 in a row will be enough to keep Kieran.”

Wilson, though, feels that Celtic will be able to command a hefty fee for the left back if he does move on to England and believes the success that Victor Wanyama and Virgil van Dijk have enjoyed down south since leaving Parkhead will enable them to drive up the asking price.

“For a full-back just now I’d say you’re talking at least £15m,” he said. “Over £15m would also be possible. It’s very difficult to put a price on it. Until somebody puts an offer in for him then who knows?

“What Celtic have sold players for in the past has maybe been lower than they could’ve got. Some people doubted Van Dijk could make it in England. But look at him just now, he’s been talked about for the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Van Dijk went to Southampton and then Liverpool paid over £70m for him.

“I think Celtic are wiser now. You can get away with selling strikers for £19-20m. But look at van Dijk going down there and absolutely cruising it. Celtic will be a bit wiser when it comes to selling their future defenders like Kieran Tierney.

“He’s certainly been up there in Scotland for a number of years. So why can’t he go down there and demand a £15-20m price tag?”

Wilson feels Celtic would be wise to hold on to both Mikael Lustig, whose current deal expires in the summer, and Scott Sinclair, who they have the option to keep for another year, because of their experience.

“There is a certain need for players to be in and around the club who have been over the course,” he said. “Celtic are looking at a full new back four, potentially. Mikael has fantastic experience. I guess it’s down to how he finishes the season

“I would keep Sinclair if it was me. I’ve always been a massive supporter of him. I think over the years wingers of his age gradually lose a yard of pace. But Scott has 17 goals this season, and that’s an incredible return for a wide man.

“Celtic have a flying machine on one side, they don’t need one on the other flank and he brings good balance to the side.

“I know there has been racist abuse and the bottle, but I don’t think it’s necessarily aimed at him. I think he is a strong enough character to deal with that.

“He’s loved his time at Celtic. It’s gave him a buzz at the tail end of his career that he maybe thought he wouldn’t have had. I don’t think he’ll walk away if there’s a chance of staying.”