FAILING to reach the play-off finals weekend remains the one great regret of Matt Keith's time at Braehead Clan.

The former captain has returned to Glasgow this weekend to be inducted on to the club's Wall of Fame after spending three years at the Braehead Arena. 

Keith, who will be presented to the crowd before Saturday's home game against Dundee Stars, revealed that the failure to reach the Elite League finals weekend has stayed with him since leaving the Purple Army last year.

“I’ve had so great memories of being at Braehead Clan, both on and off the ice and I can’t wait to be part of the Purple Army once more for a truly humbling experience,” he said.

“I’ve received a lot of messages since it was announced I’ve been coming so it will definitely be nice to see so many of the people that made my time there so enjoyable.

“It’s quite the honour to be given this accolade and I was thrilled when Gareth (Chalmers) called to tell me.

“I experienced so many highs and lows in my time at Braehead and while finishing second, playing in European competition are up there, there is one regret I have.

“I never got to experience the play-off finals weekend in Nottingham as a player and we kept falling short in the quarter finals.

“You hear about how fun it is to be down there and it was really disappointing, especially as the captain who has to answer for it in a way and offer some explanation afterwards.

“It wasn’t from a lack of effort and it was frustrating we could never get over that hump.

“When I think ahead to Saturday, it will be pretty flattering to be on the ice and hearing the chant of my name again.”