Reggie Middleton has revealed he has been handed a gagging order by Glasgow Rocks coach Sterling Davis to keep him on the court and out of the referees' bad books.

The American playmaker scored 17 points in his side's vital 82-65 mauling of London Lions on Sunday and emerged unscathed following a streak of games where foul trouble limited his involvement.

But with Davis urging his point guard to keep his emotions in check, Middleton reckons the BBL's officials need to listen more and penalise less.

"It's a sign of my frustration," he said. "But there's always arguments between players and refs. I just like to talk to them. Where I'm from, they'll tell you what you're doing wrong so you can change it. Here, it's just a call and there's no communication. That's what I've got a problem with. It's tough, even though I know Jonny Bunyan will come in and play well for me. I want to be out there for the team."

The Rocks will finish no lower than sixth if they win their remaining six league games, a massive improvement from last season's disastrous tenth-place slump. And Middleton wants a repeat of their emphatic display against London to round off the season in style.

"There's been a lot of ugly games so we wanted to remind the fans what they come to see," he said. "When you're scoring, it ups the energy. But it starts with defence."