BRAEHEAD CLAN are prepared to cut to cure before their misfiring players land an early but fatal blow to their season.

The Glasgow club have lost all of their six games so far this season across the Elite League and the Challenge Cup, leaving the ambitious coaching and management staff faced with an unprecedented situation only three weeks into the new campaign.

Under the guidance of Ryan Finnerty, Braehead reached the play-off finals for the first time two years ago while finishing second before claiming third. With this in mind, SportTimes has learned that the club chiefs are ready to wield the axe if their dismal run continues.

In an exclusive interview, hockey and operations director Gareth Chalmers revealed nobody is safe if things do not improve urgently, claiming the current situation is ‘unacceptable’.

He said: “It’s been an accumulation of things.

“I think confidence is very low at the moment which isn’t helping. We’ve had a high turnover of players and the guys haven’t gelled.

“It’s not defending them, because ultimately what is happening is unacceptable.

“We’ve built an organisation here that we felt has started to go in the direction of being a major competitior in the league. The aim this year was to go and win it.

“For whatever reason, we’re not doing that right now which is bitterly disappointed and unacceptable to be honest.

“The focus here is to win the league. They are fully aware of that.

“We haven’t had this problem in the past. It’s either one of two things. Either some guys don’t care or some aren’t good enough. That’s where we are right now and it needs to change quickly.

“If things don’t improve very quickly there will be changes. It doesn’t matter who it is or how long they’ve been here, it’s simply not good enough and there will be changes quickly if that doesn’t improve.

“That goes for everyone from the players up to me and Andy [McLaughlin, Clan commercial director] are accountable for what happens right now.”

Chalmers formed half of a two-pronged attack in the summer as Braehead launched their recruitment drive. Significant wages have been spent to lure North American talent over to Glasgow, with former National Hockey League enforcer Jay Rosehill just one of many.

“Some guys we are not very happy with, and we expected a little bit better,” added Chalmers.

“It’s a team game here and they are not working as that. If there are individuals in our team and we have our concerns, they won’t last two minutes here. They’ll be gone.

“We have spoken to Ryan and

it’s his decision, but we fully support him.”

Finnerty is going into his fourth campaign as Braehead boss having masterminded a step up in standard during his tenure. However, even he hasn’t been immune to criticism from some sections of the Clan support.

Chalmers concedes the Canadian is aware of the pressure on him to turn things around, but that the club still have full faith he is the right man for the job.

“I want to see Finner do well,” he added. “I think he is the right head coach for us and he has our full support.

“He’s done a very good job here in the last three years. He expected to be better this year, we felt we recruited well. We’ve had discussions today and if he wants to make changes he can.

“It’s his team. If he feels that letting another player go and bringing someone in then that’s his call. That’s the way it should be because he’s the head coach and ultimately if it fails he will lose his job.

“He is aware of that.”