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What’s top of your Glasgow property wishlist?

Buying a home, no matter the size, is the biggest financial decision anyone can make in their lifetime and finding the one that is right for you is essential. So it’s no wonder that the majority of buyers have a wishlist when searching for their new home, full of things they need the property to have.

Advice on how to downsize your property in Glasgow

When it comes to working your way up the property ladder, that doesn’t always mean moving to a bigger property. It can also mean moving into somewhere smaller, whether that’s due to a lifestyle change or just because you fancy something a bit lower maintenance.

Tips on how to update your Glasgow garden

Spring has sprung, but for those living in Scotland, sometimes it can take a bit longer for the weather to catch up. We’re used to all seasons in one day, but hopefully, not only the brighter days are coming but the warmer days too. So now is the best time to get your garden sorted so you’re not running about mad at the first sign of Summer.

property patter Spotlight on living in Glasgow city centre

Living in the heart of Glasgow City Centre has many benefits. From being the hub of many transport links, the array of shops, bars, restaurants and cafes, popular nightlife and even a world-renowned University, Glasgow City Centre truly has a lot to offer any home buyer. It’s much more than just a living destination for students.

Glasgow Homes Property Patter: Where to spend and where to save

For the majority of home buyers, not just first-time buyers, the deposit can take up a huge chunk of your savings. With the Bank of Scotland recording an average deposit for a first-time buyer in Scotland in 2020 at £31,257, this doesn’t leave too much room for home improvements. With the new 5% mortgage scheme announced by the Government this year, you could find yourself not having to save as much for a deposit as you originally expected. Although, if you’re buying a property that require