A Fun Lovin’ Criminals member has told of how Glasgow ended his stage diving career.

Frank Benbini (Fun Lovin’ Criminals drummer and lead singer of Uncle Frank) said that the city is famous for seeing his last-ever dive into an audience.

Glasgow Times:

Speaking with the Glasgow Times, Frank said: “Glasgow is famous for Uncle Frank for being the very last stage dive that I ever did.

“It was about ten years ago, and we were finishing up our set in the Glasgow Barrowlands and it was crazy, it was the last song.

“I was known to occasionally do stage dives, which are quite scary because I’m a big dude, so I always make sure the area I am planning to land is also full of big dudes.

“As you know, it’s Glasgow, they’re ready for everything so they were encouraging me, ‘C’mon Frank, jump’.

“So, I did a huge dive and I remember landing and knocking my head back and as I was walking to the dressing room, I noticed there was blood coming from my two front teeth.

“I didn’t think anything of it, I went for a shower and people were coming back for autographs and photos.

“This young girl came back, and she went ‘Frank that was brilliant, will you sign my album?’

“I said of course and as I was signing it, she goes, ‘Oh by the way, you landed on me during the stage dive’ and I thought, I could have killed her she was so little.

“She lifted her fringe and had two teeth marks with some blood, and I went oh my god, they’re my teeth.

“She laughed about it and thought it was the best thing, but I said I’m never doing that again.”

Glasgow Times:

Frank is set to play at Stereo in the city centre on October 9 with his band, Uncle Frank (formed with Naim Cortazzi).

The show comes after of the group’s newest album Diablo, which will be released on October 6.

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And Frank cannot wait to return to the ‘wicked’ city.

He said: “Glasgow is such a great place to play music, it’s wicked.

“The amount of crazy nights we’ve had in Glasgow Barrowlands, I can’t even tell you.

“I have so many fond memories of Glasgow, it’s just a beautiful place.

“I always say that we’re playing catch up the minute we get in a Glasgow venue cause people are already somewhat merry.

“In other parts of the world, we’re usually the merry ones and everyone else is a bit docile.”

Glasgow Times:

Teasing Glasgow Times’ readers about what fans can expect from the show, Frank said: “Half the set is going to be songs off the new album, so it is going to be exciting.

“I’m yet to re-learn them though.

“When we made this album, it was in lockdown and now Naim and I are looking at each other like, ‘how does it go again?’

“Fingers crossed we remember everything, and we put on a good show for you guys.”

There may even be a few famous faces in the crowd.

Frank explained: “Some of the characters that have come along to shows in the past are just crazy.

“We’ve had Glasgow gangsters and even famous actors.

“We had Martin Compston (Line of Duty) once, as well as the bass player of Biffy Clyro and an actor from Trainspotting.”  

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Tickets for Uncle Franks' Glasgow show are now on sale.

They can be purchased HERE