IT was midweek and the mercury was rising to ‘taps aff’ temperatures outside on the streets.

Driving through Glasgow in the Buick with the roof down humming along to the REM song Peely Wally People, it was summertime in the city.

When I arrived home the Moll was waiting expectantly and asked what I had planned.

I said: “How do you fancy an evening in the kitchen, toots?”

If looks could kill… dismember and bury. I was done for.

Quickly, I revealed the plan, “Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen” saving my skin in the nick of time. Phew! ‘I’ll never learn’ I thought.

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Off we headed to Ashton Lane where we found it had been given a makeover and was now called Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom.

The menu was creative, especially with vegetarian options. In Ashton Lane, in the west end, you would expect a fair few herbivores in through the door.

We decided on a couple of veggie starters. KFC Korean Fried Cauliflower and chickpea pakora.

Both were impressive, dainty but tasty and set us up nicely in anticipation of our main courses.

As we were in a bar complex that brews its own beer on the premises, I decided burger goes best with beer, so I chose the Innis & Gunn classic burger.

Two patties with bacon and cheese on a brioche bun with skin-on fries. I enjoyed every last juicy morsel. This was no junk food.

The moll was taken with the idea of the Tofish. A veggie fish and chips substitute with battered tofu instead of fish.

When it arrived it looked just like fish and chips. No stranger to a good vegetarian dish, the Moll decided this one wasn’t for her and was eyeing my burger with jealous intent. In trying to replicate the texture of fish the tofu was too soft and not the usual, firmer crispy texture.

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However, on this occasion, we were joined by a real live, full time, vegetarian and she also had the tofish and devoured it like it was a fish supper straight out of the sea and dipped in batter.

Innis & Gunn has had a revamp and the redesigned ground floor bar area was busy.

The food happens on the first floor. If nothing out of this world the food was good and the menu has tried to offer something a little different.

Perhaps it was because it was a midweek evening but it lacked a little in the atmosphere despite not being empty, and it was very noisy from the kitchen and bar area.

All in all, it looks a great pub for beer lovers with all sorts of beer and brewing events.

The food was decent pub grub and if you want to experiment with some vegetarian options there are plenty on the menu along with the burgers, hot dogs and fish dishes.

For a drink and a bite to eat you won't go far wrong and the food is reasonably priced too.



Chickpea Pakora £7

Korean Fried Cauliflower £6

Tofish £11 x2

Classic burger £12


I&G IPA £4.85

Sauvignon Blanc 175ml £6

Sauvignon Blanc 125ml £4.20

Total £62.05


FOOD - ⭐⭐⭐