MY SCHOOL: I attended Cleveden Secondary School in Kelvindale, around 2002 when it had just been refurbished. I remember long, long corridors, and the sound of the school bell - it was deafening.

FAVOURITE TEACHER: Mr Mackay, my history teacher. I had always been obsessed by history but he taught me so much more. He was always easy to speak to and would help us as much as he could. He was also the one who could handle my “class clown” persona more than the rest.

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SCHOOL DINNERS, PACKED LUNCH OR HOME? As a chef now looking back at school dinners, I realise they were pretty awful. The pizzas tasted like rubber and the cheeseburgers could have smashed a window. Me and my mates used to go to the shop down from the school just by the hockey pitch and get a Pot Noodle. Once we met Ford Kiernan from Chewin’ the Fat and Still Game, and we pestered him to do ‘The Big Man’. His impressions left us in stitches.

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FAVOURITE SUBJECT: History, by a mile. I wanted to be a history teacher – life never turns out the way you think it will. But I still love reading and watching programmes about history. I’m obsessed with the Vikings. Now I like to travel around Scotland with my six-year-old daughter, visiting Viking history sites. I was good at French, although I didn’t like it much. (Ironic, now I’m working in a French restaurant.)

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LEAST FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Physics. I was good at chemistry and biology, but being a know-it-all, I chose physics instead. So many family members tried to help me but I just gave up.

MY BEST FRIEND AT SCHOOL…I was lucky to have a good mix of friends at school - David, Kenny, Jonathan, Scott, Alistair, Nicky and Mark. We have all done different things, though we did get together a few times. Sadly, being a chef is not the most social job in the world, so I have kind of lost touch which is a big regret of mine.

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IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT MY SCHOOLDAYS…I would have pushed myself more. I missed a period of school through illness and when I got back I had lost interest. I wish I had put more into it to build back up and get the grades I was capable of. But, then, life does throw spanners in the works. It’s how you recover that makes you who you are.

Jordan is head chef at La Bonne Auberge in Glasgow

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