Sir David Attenborough has warned world leaders that they must agree a path of action when they meet in Glasgow later this year for the UN climate Change Summit.

He said that the time for talking is over and that in Glasgow action must be agreed to tackle climate change, before it is too late.

The veteran broadcaster and conservationist was speaking at the launch for the UN COP 26, in London.

He said that there was a “sense of euphoria” five years ago in Paris when there was agreement on climate change.

But now he said we have to do something.

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He said: And the time to do that is in the next committee meeting of the international panel on climate change which will take place in Glasgow. It is now up to us to put before the nations of the world what needs to be done. We don’t need to emphasise to them that the longer we leave it and doing things but going on talking about the problems the worse it going to get.

“And in the end unless we do something it becomes insoluble.”

He said Now nit the time.

“Now Glasgow becomes extremely important.

“We are the leaders of that group and it is up to us to organise he nations there to do something about it.

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His rallying call comes as the UK Government announced a ban on selling new petrol, diesel or hybrid cars in the UK will be brought forward from 2040 to 2035.