TENANTS of Maryhill's Wyndford area have signed a petition to oppose new rent rises set to come into play in April.

Residents of Cube Housing will see their rent rise by 3.3% in spring, with Wyndford Tenants Union now lodging a petition that has gained over 500 signatures against the planned rent rise.

James Roberts, branch secretary of Wyndford Tenants Union, said: "We do have a petition of over 500 Cube tenants who clearly reject the rise.

"Since we started we have chapped 1700 doors, which covers over half of Cube tenants."

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Sam, a member of the union who lives in the high flats on the Wyndford, said: "If anything, my pay has gone down over the last year.

"Social landlords shouldn't be putting rent up more than wages go up."

The rent rises will affect all Cube Housing residents, including those in Knightswood and Broomhill.

In response to the petition, a Cube spokesman said: “Most tenants who responded to our six-week consultation supported one of the three options proposed for this year’s rents.

"The majority of them went for the increase which allowed us to protect services and investment in homes.

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“The Board considered all the feedback from tenants who took the time to reply before making the final decision.

“If any tenant is having difficulty paying their rent or meeting their household expenses we are here to help them. We have a wide range of support available."

The housing association stated that consultation opened in November and closed in January, with tenants able to oppose the rent hikes in writing or online.

A public meeting is set to be held by Wyndford Tenants Union on March 2nd at Maryhill Burgh Halls.