A GLASGOW artist has taken a stand against “increasing racism” towards British people of Chinese origin due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Frank To, who describes himself as Scottish, British and Chinese, said he had experienced abuse in the 1980s and 1990s and accused the UK government of not doing enough to address the current issue.

It comes as new research suggests consumption of Chinese food has dropped by 33% since the outbreak of the virus in countries including the UK, Australian and the US.

Google Trends data shows that the interest level in Italian cuisine has also dropped by 24%.

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Frank said his mother’s takeaway business in Newton Mearns had suffered a decline in takings since the outbreak because “people are terrified” to eat Chinese food.

He blamed social media for creating a climate of fear saying the Chinese community had not experienced discrimination on the same scale during the SAARs and bird flu outbreaks.

He said: "I don't think it's quite as bad in Scotland but I've got friends in England who have experienced abuse. One of my friends was on a bus in London and someone said to him, 'don't infect me.'

In a post shared on social media, Frank said people of Oriental origin were being made to feel “subhuman”.

He said:  “I am not usually not vocal in my personal views, but I’m now seriously angry with the amount of racism to Orientals because of the Corona Virus.

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“I grew up with racism in the 1980s and 1990s and understand too well of the psychological and physical damage it can cause.

“There are now increasing cases of racist violence against Orientals in the world at the moment especially in the UK and the government is not doing enough to address the issue. “I’m Scottish. I’m British.

I’m Chinese. I’m all these things BUT my ethnicity and skin colour does not make me a virus!”