A GLASGOW church was broken into hours before the nation went into lockdown. 

The Greenview Church in Shawlands was broken into in "broad daylight" yesterday afternoon, according to Pastor Colin Adams. 

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Amid reports of deserted streets hours before the country went into official lockdown, he said: "It's sad that people will seek to take advantage of this situation."

Posting to Twitter, the Pastor said: "For those of you who run businesses or who have responsibility for church buildings and the like: do take extra security precautions. We had our church building broken into yesterday afternoon. (Yes, in broad daylight)"

He said "thankfully" the church does not store valuables inside. 

Pastor Adams added: "It's sad that people will seek to take advantage of this situation. At the same time, let's be sure to show compassion and help ensure our communities have access to the basic things we all need." 

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