A CHARITY which supports blind and partially sighted people is campaigning for pavement space to made accessible to all pedestrians during Covid-19.

The Scottish division of National Federation of the Blind (NFBUK) says it is important for footways to be kept free to allow pedestrians to safely access their local high-street.

It comes after the Scottish Governments proposals to ease lockdown restrictions at the end of the month, with aims to allow different households to meet up provided they remain socially distant.

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The NFBUK say that in order for the economy get back on its feet, by re-opening shops and cafes, it is important that customers, have enough space to queue at shops and to be able to pass safely on the pavement while adhering to social distancing rules.

They say it is critical that cafes and tables do not take up valuable pavement space and they should not be allowed to take over this pedestrian space during COVID19.

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Sandy Taylor, Executive Officer NFBUK (Scotland) stated: “If this legislation gets passed it will create complete chaos for the pedestrian and make many high streets unable to provide a safe environment for social distancing to take place.

“Clearly our politicians have not factored in the need for people to queue for shops as it is clear that many places will not be able to ensure safe social distancing for people queuing, sitting or passing by on the pavement.

“Allowing more cafe tables and chairs on the footway or pavement is simply not safe. Pavement space should be protected for people queuing for shops and for pedestrian access to the high street.

“Our solution will allow the high street to be open for all pedestrians and for the economy to get back on its feet again.”