DRUNK youths are continuing to litter and gather illegally in Chryston, despite Police warnings.

The Glasgow Times reported earlier this month Police were working to curb anti-social behaviour in Chryston, after local resident called out mess in public areas.

Local youths were spotted partying in the woods behind Grayston Manor in Chryston, leaving behind empty bottles and even an abandoned mobility scooter.

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Now, the lockdown louts returned last weekend, this time ruining the spot with a portable barbecue.

Glasgow Times:

Resident's sent The Glasgow Times images of burnt tree stumps and dozens of broken bottles littering the green.

A local resident of the cul-de-sac behind the woods says the teens are there every Saturday night.

She said: "Myself and other residents have contacted the police about this on numerous occasions.

"I walk my dogs there and it disgusts me to see the utter disregard for both the area and the local people who walk there regularly."

Glasgow Times:

"Not only are they breaking regulations, but they make it so dangerous for anyone to walk their dogs in the area or bring young members of their family there.

"There is broken glass everywhere."

Local residents have banded together to tackle the issue, calling the police and clearing up the area themselves.

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Our source continued: "I have started cleaning up the area myself and last week I picked up 4 big bags of rubbish. I could have actually continued and picked up more.

"We feel that we are being ignored. If the council removed the trees there wouldn't be anywhere for them to sit, or if the Police just came on Saturday night they could catch them there and then."

Councillor John McLaren said: "I contacted Police Scotland about this issue.

"They will attend to this anti-social behaviour but they need to be called when it is happening.

Glasgow Times:

"Over The last few weeks local Police officers have been very vigilant in our area of Muirhead, and arrested two persons for attempted burglary.

"They are also covering a local play area in Mount Ellen where youths are riding about on quad bikes and motor bikes.

"During this lockdown officers are stretched but will try to attend when possible."

Sergeant Stephen Shanks, of Cumbernauld Police Station, said: "We know that anti-social behaviour has a disruptive effect on local communities and will act on any information we receive.

"We are aware of concerns raised by the community in the Chryston area and officers carry out regular patrols of highlighted areas. It is worth stressing that the vast majority of young people do not come to the attention of police.

"A small minority do sometimes become involved in anti-social behaviour and police will take appropriate action where incidents are reported and offenders identified. I would also urge parents and guardians to make sure that they know where their children are, who they are associating with and what they are doing.

"Anyone who has concerns about anti-social behaviour in their area is encouraged to contact police by calling 101 as quickly as possible."