DO YOU remember building bogies and sledges to career down pavements and grassy hills?

Did you play peever and build dens, or put on shows in the back courts to entertain the neighbours?

Street games and songs used to fill every corner of every community of Glasgow, in days gone by.

Glasgow Times:

Regular Times Past readers often share memories of their favourites and it’s a common theme at our regular library drop-in events, Thanks for the Memories, which are currently on hold due to the coronavirus crisis.

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Our photo archives have captured children at play in the city over the decades, from these young hulahoopers at Adelphi Street School in 1976 and roundabout fans in Garthamlock in 1981 to young people learning the skilful art of peever from local pensioners, at St Ignatious Primary.

Glasgow Times:

Perhaps you played footie in the street, or tried your hand at skipping or elastics - did you go to a local park to sail boats or climb trees?

Maybe you were a braver soul and played chappie round your neighbours’ houses - taking great care to run fast so you did not get caught?

We’d love to hear your memories and see your photos of going out to play in the city.

Glasgow Times:

What are your favourite childhood memories of growing up in Glasgow?

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