SIXTH year pupils at a Glasgow secondary school have raised concerns about proposals to return to the classroom setting in August.

Saint Andrew’s RC Secondary School circulated a letter to parents and carers recently informing them that children would be in class two days a week for roughly two hours and 30 minutes.

Senior students are worried about how part-time learning might affect them in the future particularly when it comes to exams and submitting university applications.

Last week the Scottish Government announced it would try and ensure all pupils would go back full time in August provided the virus continued to be suppressed.

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John White, who has just started S6, said: “We have not been told anything and have not had one class during lockdown. We have been given homework, assignments and a booklet to complete.

“I find it hard to learn like that especially when it’s not explained to me. We have just been told to work our way through it, but I have no idea how to complete some of the assignments.

“There is not really much support and I don’t always understand what I am being asked to do. We have been told we might be back two days a week, but nothing has been confirmed.

“As it stands our timetable would only have two-and-a-half hours per day which means I would be in school five hours in total per week.

“This is my last year in school and I want to go to university next year, but I need more support especially in maths which is not my strong point.”

John believes that detailed webinars could help pupils understand the challenges they have been asked to look at.

He added: “Online tutorials would be a massive help. They already send video links home in the maths department, but you get one question per day and one demonstration about how to answer it.

“You are then just left to get on with it. This makes me feel angry. I do feel sorry for the teachers as I know they are in a difficult position, but we have been given nothing but homework.

“It is very frustrating. There a lot of complaints and concerns posted on social media about the schooling systems particularly when exams have been cancelled and we don’t know if we will be able to sit them next year.

“Pupils sitting their Highers could end up having to go to college to get the grades they need in order to progress to university.

“I am worried about going back to school. We have not been told anything about how big the classes are going to be. Some people haven’t even done the work that has been sent home.

“If they continue like this, it will hold the rest of us back, just like it does in class. We need more help and guidance in our education.”

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Glasgow City Council said it hoped schools would fully return in August but sympathised with the anxiety surrounding the issue.

A council spokeswoman said: “We totally understand John’s concerns and our hope is that following the Scottish Government’s announcement last week that schools will be able to return full time in August if we all help to follow the advice and suppress the virus.

“Our schools have worked very hard to have the blended learning models in place for the new term in case things don’t go to plan and we have to fall back on these depending on the guidance.

“As we’ve said many times – we do not want our children and young people out of school for any longer than is absolutely necessary and will continue to support our pupils in any way that we can to reduce any worries that they may have.

“We would urge any pupils who have concerns to contact their school for advice.”