OLD Firm fans have reacted with hilarity after news broke that Joe Biden has chosen Celtic as his Secret Service codename. 

The 77-year-old Democrat will run against Donald Trump later this year and according to a report from CNN has chosen for Secret Service agents to refer to him as Celtic.

Old Firm took to Twitter to crack wise about the name, presumably inspired by Biden's Irish ancestry.

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One fan said: "But this obviously begs the question: who is 'Rangers'?"

Another wrote: "Code-named 'Celtic': Joe Biden gets Secret Service protection... I wonder if it’s with a 'C' or a 'K'? Anyone know?"

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Another said: "Joe Biden has chosen his codename for the secret service in the run up to the election, and has picked the word "Celtic". America best vote this man in." 

Another hoped the Democrat nominee will win when he goes head to head with the sitting President in November, purely so he can meet the President of Albania, another noted Hoops fan. 

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Another said he was not keen on Biden but that the nickname made him warm to him a little. 

His running mate, Kamala Harris has chosen Pioneer as her codename, reflecting her status as the first black woman to run for the Vice Presidency.

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Secret Service code names are not assigned by the agency and are not secret. They are agreed with the White House Communications Agency and are used now for the purposes of brevity, clarity and tradition when referring to the subjects of security protection.