NEW homes can be built on vacant land in Dalmarnock despite more than 100 people signing a petition against the development.

Showpeople living nearby the site – which is bordered by Carstairs Street, Webster Street, French Street and Swanston Street – were among those to voice concerns.

They fear the applicant, and new residents, would have a “lack of empathy and understanding” of their culture.

Other concerns raised include insufficient parking, a potential increase in traffic accidents and “conflict” over noise between the residents and businesses in the area.

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But Glasgow councillors have ruled Doncaster-based Keepmoat Homes’ plan can go-ahead.

The developer intends to build 34 three-bedroom homes, ten two-bedroom properties and four four-bedroom townhouses for private sale.

There were 117 signatures on a petition opposing the development and six representations were sent to the council.

Lavinia Stewart said: “Residents at Swanston Street are considered a minority group with a large number of showpeople living here peacefully for over 30 years.

“Having three storey buildings full of people who will not understand our culture overlooking our homes is not something any of us feel comfortable about.”

She added dozens of cars park “around these streets every weekend that there is a football match on”. There will be 48 car parking spaces included with the development.

Damion Bateman said: “There has been established showman's sites in this area since 1978.

“We have lived in the area, integrating with the local community, socialising and working and feel there is not enough consideration of the showman's sites and the residents.

“There is certainly an effort to play down the size of the showman's residential site on the plan and the impact this new housing development will have in the area.”

The square of land has been vacant since tenement blocks were demolished in the 1970s.

A council report stated there will be “no overlooking or privacy issues” with nearby properties.

It adds: “Residential use (the showperson site) has coexisted directly adjacent to the industrial uses for over 30 years with no apparent impact on amenity through unacceptable noise or disturbance.”

Police data for the area found no injury accidents recorded in the past five years, the report stated.

A council officer said the land had been “vacant for a number of years” despite being marketed, and this scheme provides an “opportunity”.

She said chromium contamination had “been apparent on this site” but regeneration company Clyde Gateway has been “very progressive” with transformation work.

It is believed to be a “suitable location for residential development”, she added.

A legal agreement will be required to secure £105,000 in lieu of community gardens or an allotment. There will be a large play area.