You could say I’m an eyebrow enthusiast.

Although the relationship between my brows and I is complicated, I’m obsessed with the makeup, treatments, trends, tutorials and just about anything eyebrow related.

When I have good brows, it shapes my whole face and gives a real boost to my confidence.

And feeling confident is exactly how I left Niche Brow Bar, having been treated to lash lift and brow lamination.

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The treatments

Brow lamination is a treatment that reconstructs the hairs on your browbone to keep them in a desired shape while giving them a fluffy, ample and natural look.

The outcome of the semi-permanent fixture lasts around six weeks, depending on how often you oil or condition the hairs post-appointment.

The lash lift treatment is similar to that of the brow lamination – a procedure that essentially perms your lashes into a lifted, curved shape.

For both treatments, the salon requires you to take a patch test 48 hours in advance to ensure you don’t take an allergic reaction to any of the products used in the transformation process.

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The process

The brow lamination takes around half an hour to 45 minutes. My stylist scales my face, waxes away the stubborn hairs, trims the overgrowth, gives me a natural tint and then cracks on with the lamination.

A layer of lifting serum is applied to my brows before they are set in place with clingfilm. A volumizing product is then applied while I’m assured that it will leave my eyebrow hairs hydrated before they are covered again in cling film.

Fifteen minutes later, the film is removed and I’m left with perfectly groomed, volumised, fluffy brows that look too good to be true. I look in the mirror and I’m in awe at how those brows are mine.

The lash lift takes around 45 minutes too. My beautician places two silicone bumpers between each of my eyelids and my upper eyelashes before she applies a perm serum to my lashes, which curves them inwards towards the bumper.

Several minutes later, a setting solution is applied before a tint and then voila, we are finished.  

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During the lash lifting process, your eyes are required to be shut the entire time and admittedly, I was so relaxed I was close to nodding off.

Personally, I didn’t find either of these treatments uncomfortable or painful in any way, but your experience may differ if you find it difficult to have your eyes touched.

The results

Truthfully, I’m amazed with my eyebrows. Niche Brow Bar's brow lamination has proved to be a gamechanger and I'll be back.

I haven’t had to apply my brow-filling makeup once since my treatment last week – which is a milestone for me.

The fluffy, amplified textured look is perhaps not one that would be best for all, but Niche Brow Bar offers a range of treatments that can tailor to different styles and personalities.

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The lash lift gave a real amplification to my eyes and brought out the thickness of my eyelashes. It gave me a full week without the need for mascara, which was a treat for early mornings.


Overall, the girls at Niche Brow Bar made me feel completely relaxed and took me through the procedures of each treatment - reassuring me every step of the way what they would be doing next. 

The popular lash lift and brow lamination bundle comes in at £65 – which is a fair price to pay for the results.

If you’re going on holiday, away for a weekend or if you simply need a pick-me-up, this is the perfect treat to gift yourself... or in turn, the perfect pamper present for a loved one. 

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