GLASWEGIANS are being asked to donate £1 to reimburse a city council cleansing worker facing an “unfair” pay reclaim.

Glasgow City Council informed Martin Connor, who has Cerebral Palsy and has been working at Polmadie throughout the pandemic, that there had been an “oversight” with his wages and that they would be deducting £2500 from his ­income.

Members of the GMB trade union, who are furious at the decision, are fundraising to allow Mr Connor to keep the money he earned.

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Chris Mitchell, GMB Convener, said: “Mr Connor was employed by Glasgow City Council two and a half years ago as a road sweeper on a Monday to Friday contract.

“What’s special about this man is that he has Cerebral Palsy and carries out a very difficult manual handling task with pride.

“He turns up to work every single day. This man should have been given a medal for his work in the cleansing department. Martin Connor is also a guy who could have been shielding for the last four months but chose not to.

“There has been an oversight in this guy’s pay by Glasgow City Council which they have openly admitted was their fault but have decided they want to take £2500 off him.

“I think it is shameful they are even contemplating this. I am urging everyone in the city to pay £1 each to help pay this man back. Please get behind this campaign has Martin Connor is an inspiration to us all.”

Branch members will donate to the cause and ask family and friends to do the same.

Councillor Paul Carey who is supporting the campaign says that the local authority should work with Mr Connor to come to a “reasonable resolution.”

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He said: “I have a real concern that this was not picked up much sooner and it is quite clear to me that the council is at fault.

“This man should have been shielding throughout lockdown but refused to do so and continued to work, this is now his reward the council telling him that he owes thousands of pounds which he is struggling to understand.”

A Glasgow City Council spokesman added: “It would be inappropriate to comment on an individual personnel matter.

“In general, however, there is a standard clause within our contracts of employment that indicates we will seek to recover any overpaid wages. This is only ever done in consultation with the individual employee and with regard to their circumstances.”