A TEAM of experts and local representatives dedicated to ending HIV in Glasgow met for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

The city’s Fast Track Cities group have signed Glasgow up to a pledge to eliminate the virus and to tackle stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV. 

Glasgow’s Fast Track Cities group hopes to bring together local businesses, schools and health and social care organisations to take on the challenges of educating people about the illness and reducing the negative associations which surround the blood-borne illness.

Mhairi Hunter, who is the city’s convenor for health and social care, chaired Wednesday’s meeting.

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Ms Hunter said the initiative “allows us to pull together all the relevant partner organisations, and work to co-ordinate existing strategies and policies to make a real difference to the lives of those affected by HIV in Glasgow.”

She added that the strategy would form part of the city’s masterplan to meet targets.

Nathan Sparling, head of HIV Scotland, said: “Everyone in Glasgow can play their part by learning about the  realities of HIV and help us stamp out stigma and prejudice.”