MIND it used to snow in December? Snow in February seems a safe bet these days and so it turned out last week. 

It doesn’t make things easy for taxi drivers – even without a pandemic and all the restrictions added in – so fair play to everyone who kept the wheels turning on the white stuff. 

There’s enough doom and gloom for us all right now so I thought I’d highlight a few fellow drivers who went the extra mile, pun very much intended, to help others while the snow lay. 

Glasgow Times:

First up I noticed a lovely message from an equally lovely customer by the name of Adele Murphy, who said: “Just want to ask you to pass on a special thank you to 2 of your taxi drivers who were sitting at Mossvale Walk in Craigend this morning (12/02/21) at 8.45. 

“I was stuck in the snow, car wheels kept spinning. 

“They came across and pushed my car out (which wasn’t easy) so thank you to them I made it to work this morning on time (nhs worker).”

Happy days. This is the type of thing that happens all the time without mention – so a big thanks to Adele for taking the time to send in such a nice message. 

Another one I saw over the past week was from the daughter of a lady who had been safely taken for her first jag of the good old vaccine. 

The daughter said:“My mum ordered a taxi today from Rye Road to Easterhouse Glasgow Club around 1.30pm. 

“She was going for her Covid vaccine and the driver was absolutely brilliant with her.”

She then went on to request she could be put in touch with the driver, to say thanks personally and to “top up his tip”. 

Another great example of great work by another of our great drivers – but we’d all agree, it’s all in a day’s work. 

Glasgow Times:

What is important to share here is the fact that when customers take time out to thank us like this it makes a world of difference, especially in the times we are all currently in. 

Well done to all the drivers doing these types of things, day in, day out. And thanks to all the customers who show their appreciation in ways like this. 

People make Glasgow, as they say. 

Stay safe!