THE bins are not being emptied on a regular basis and certainly not to any form of schedule (‘Embarrassing’: Fury at ‘failure’ to clear overflowing West End recycling centre, Glasgow Times). 

The fact the council tends to only respond once it gets complained about on the app or highlighted on the website confirms it isn’t working.

The city is being left in a mess as the council simply is not doing its job. 

It hasn’t been for a long, long time. 

Whether that is down to the fact the Scottish Government just doesn’t care about Glasgow or whether Glasgow City Council doesn’t have the budget or whether it simply doesn’t really give a c*** is not acceptable.

Moonk Calder
Posted online

THE recycle bins on Great George Street in the West End are never emptied often enough and end up overflowing with bags of rubbish left around them. 

I refuse to add to the mess so I never recycle anything.

Shug McKenzzie
Posted online

I READ on Thursday that a City Centre Taskforce was set up in November to improve the City Centre and support businesses. 

I am unaware of any successes by this group but a council official claimed that they had “ managed to take the red and white barriers away from the City Centre, so it doesn’t look like a race track.”

Could I remind Glasgow City Council that it was they who were instrumental in the placement of these barriers in the first place. Food for thought.

Bill Love

THE council has done fantastic work in getting rid of the biohazard of a foodwaste bin from my backcourt. 

Councillor Richardson is trying to promote 50 massive food waste bins left lying on the streets of Glasgow. 

Glasgow Times: Councillor Anna Richardson Councillor Anna Richardson

Would the councillor like one of these massive bins planted outside her front door, which will attract flies, rats and fly-tipping? 

God help anyone who is trying to sell a house next to these bins.

Name and address supplied

IT was interesting to read about how many meetings councillors in Glasgow have attended and missed.

If they can’t commit to attending these meetings, they shouldn’t be in the position in the first place.

Jamie Stephens

WHILE football fans might be starved of being able to go and see their teams play at their stadiums, it is great that we can still watch them on the television.

I would be bored stiff without the matches on TV during the week and at the weekend.

I just hope the leagues continue and the Scottish Government doesn’t attempt to shut the game down after last week’s latest Covid breach by players in the SPFL.

Sam Reeves
Via email

I AM sick of reading about anti-vaxxers.

Who do these people think they are? Conspiracy theories are just nonsense.

It’s clear this virus is real and that people have died from it.

So, stop trying to cause a scene and make a political point with your claims.

Everyone else around the country sticks to the rules, so these people should do so too.

Ian Stewart

I DREAD to think the real impact this pandemic has had on the mental health of people in Scotland. Being locked away every day with nowhere to go is just torture.

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