I BEGIN with a confession. 

I love korma. 

For so long it’s been the dish that people like me could only ever talk about in hushed voices for fear of being mocked or, much likelier, ostracised by friends and family. 

But no more. This is the day I tell the world – or, at the very least, those who have bothered to make it this far in the paper – that I love korma. 

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In fact, give me some tender chicken or, if I am feeling frisky, lamb, and smother it with that sweet, sweet sauce and you’d be going someway to ending up in my good books and since I’m spilling secrets, now is probably a good time to also tell you that my korma is always accompanied by a peshwari naan. 

It’s been so long since I tried something else with a curry that I genuinely couldn’t tell you how anything else tasted.

That means that when it was my turn to do a takeaway review I was faced with a dilemma. Order a korma and pretend to critique it or do what I’ve been asked to and branch out to one of Airdrie’s surprisingly diverse options?

Glasgow Times:

Well, my fiancee and I went for the latter and how glad we were. After several days of discussions, we opted for Macarico as neither of us had tried it and we couldn’t face another curry/Chinese/Italian. 

With an ample menu it seemed like the perfect tonic to the tried and tested. 

That was until our wait for the delivery was interrupted by a phone call from the restaurant explaining our order was going to be a little later than planned due to driver issues. 

It might seem small but the fact staff went out their way to keep us informed meant a lot. 

Glasgow Times:

When the food did arrive a smidgeon later than first hoped it did not disappoint. To start we shared mouthwatering Peri Peri chicken nachos, which could so easily have been a meal in and of itself. It was some time later before I finally stopped thinking about the cheese. Perfection. 

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In terms of mains, I devoured a wonderfully packed and delightfully tasting Meatballs Burrito, which was complete with a generous helping of chips. The other half had a pulled Peri Chicken kebab and described it later as “the best”. 

Add to the food a quirky Mexican soda and a creamy vanilla milkshake and it’s safe to say this won’t be our last Macarico. 

It just shows what can happen when you leave your korma comfort zone...