IT WAS a night of celebration for these Rangers players in 1956, pictured here at St Enoch Hotel.

The club had clinched its 29th league championship, their first win for three seasons.

The Evening Times had reported the win that sealed the deal as a ‘walk in the park’ – the Glasgow club beat Aberdeen 1 – 0 on April 18 in front of a crowd of around 50,000.

There could have been more goals, reckoned our reporter.

“If they had been pushed or run into the odd football break they could have made it 4-0 or 5-0,” he says. “I reckon they knocked on wood at least three times in the game.”

Our sports reporters were impressed with manager Scot Symon too, describing him as ‘the glorious architect of team-building and success.’

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“When Mr Symon took over he started work right away on a ‘power generating’ plan,” we reported. “And I am fairly sure it was worked out to mature in a five-year march of time. But behold, in 18 months along comes League Championship No 29 and Rangers are the football masters of Scotland.”