WELL wasn’t yesterday’s news just what we all needed?

With the announcement that the travel ban will be lifted this Friday, you could sense the lift it had given people across Glasgow.

It was certainly the only talking point with passengers and rightly so.

“Busy tonight mate?” has been less-heard for quite some time … instead here’s your guide to what we were hearing (and being asked!) in the back of cabs following yesterday’s latest government update:

• Ya f*cking beauty, driver

• Ah cannae wait to see ma wee maw

• Driver, see when you visit outdoors, are you allowed tae go inside furra p*sh?

• Ah can see the light at the end of the tunnel, an am no talking aboot the Clyde Tunnel!

• So six adults from six households? Ahve no got that many people in my life who I like!

• Ahm gonna get oan it aw weekend

• Aw naw noo ah need to visit the in laws

• Bet ya it will absolutely p*sh it doon this weekend noo

• Fair play tae the First Minister, she’s been brilliant

• Aboot time fae the First Minister, she’s been tae slow

• Driver, tae be honest ah hink ah’ll just stay in

• Busy tonight, driver?

• When dae the pubs open again?

• Who do you really support, driver?

And on it goes.

By the way, I support Scotland, I really do!

Stay safe.