ANOTHER week, another announcement – and this feels like a pretty significant one.

From Monday, hospitality, gyms and shops across Glasgow – and Scotland – can reopen, many for the first time since Boxing Day.

It’s been a long time coming but what a morale booster for so many.

I know there’s other businesses and people still frustrated and significantly affected and they have my sympathy.

But for those who can open again on Monday, what a boost.

The hospitality industry is very closely tied to the taxi trade and we’ve all felt the pain of the last 12 months or so together.

I’m so pleased for the many friends I have at hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes who have been patiently waiting for this day to arrive.

These people have become my friends – and friends to so many taxi drivers – through years of working together, through good times and bad.

I know it’s not yet full pelt again and the nighttime economy remains hamstrung but that won’t dilute the joy for those who can return to work on Monday.

One step at a time – with other steps looming

on other happy Mondays not too far on the


The Glasgow which people will return to next week is a changed place from how it was at Christmas or even going back a year to pre-pandemic times.

The city centre is spaced out (like some residents!) to allow for social distancing and give people room to manoeuvre when the streets get a little busier.

A trip along Great Western Road can lead you to playing a game of count the cones!

Or on the other side of the city, the new Dennistoun layout resembles something of a Pac Man course!

So the times have changed. The streets have changed. And thankfully, this Monday, the tiers will have changed.

It will be bliss to help happy faces get out and about, see their friends and enjoy some of the simple things they haven’t been able to do for a while.

To our friends in hospitality – our very best wishes for Monday, we will see you soon.

Stay safe!