TWO teenage boys who asked a student to take their picture in the West End in 2000 have been reunited 21 years later. 

Nicola Skinner, now 43, was finishing her degree at Glasgow University and was feeling down after having a bad break-up when she went for a stroll with her Lomo Camera.

Walking down Belmont Street, the then 22-year-old was approached by the two teens who asked her to snap the moment. 

Glasgow Times:

The cheerful duo, donned in sportswear, posed with their arms around each other leaning against a bridge and grinning for the camera. 

Mum-of-one Nicola, a children's author, treasured the snap and took it with her through house moves until she settled in Bristol, where she had a career as a journalist.

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She posted the photo on Twitter in a bid to find the boys on April 27 - and was astounded when they were identified in a matter of hours.

Both men, now 35, were thrilled to see the photo and could barely remember it being taken - and posed up in the same spot, 21 years later.

Glasgow Times:

Dad-of-three James Docherty was 14 or 15 when the snap was taken, showing him wearing a blue Adidas sweatshirt while his best friend John Doherty put his arm around him.

Neither of them could remember the photo being taken but immediately recognised themselves, and thanked Nicola for the happy memories.

Nicola said: "They spotted me and they were just so joyful, when I took the photo and had it developed I remember being pleased how it came out.

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"They were pure Glasgow, I feel there was something magical about it.

"It has been with me through so many house moves, I have often looked at the photo and remembered those two boys.

"The boy on the left looks very knowing, Glaswegians are quite worldly and they are just on the cusp of adulthood.

"They didn't think I was going to stop."

Glasgow Times:

She completed her degree in English Literature and Film and TV and moved down to London in 2002, before moving to Bristol in 2006 where she worked for SWNS before setting up her own agency, and in 2019 became a published author.

While living in Glasgow, Nicola inhabited a student bubble - and was delighted when it was burst by two "irrepressible" boys from Drumchapel, who were fishing in the River Kelvin.

Nicola said: "I wouldn't see proper Glaswegians very often, they were just joyful and bright and cheery and I think I responded to that."

James, who works as a landscape gardener added: "I had to look twice.

"I didn't realise it was me and I couldn't remember it being taken.

"It's a nice picture, somebody I went to school with who I hadn't spoken to in 20 years sent it to me.

"I can't remember what we were up to but we probably would have been fishing, we used to go to the River Kelvin.

"We were probably running about being irrepressible rogues, we were full of energy.

"I wish I could remember it happening.

"I messaged to say thanks, at least we made somebody happy."

He now lives in Yorker, Glasgow, but John still lives in Drumchapel, where they grew up.

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John added: "It's a bit surreal, it's a bit mind-blowing.

"I think we were fishing then went to my gran's and left eveyone.

"I think that's when we met the lassie.

"James said it made his day, I don't know about that but it was funny.

"I had a lot of phone calls about it.

"I didn't remember it, and I don't think it will happen again.

"It was only a couple of weeks ago that I saw him."