I DROPPED off at George Street last week which reminded me of a cracker from a few years back.

Must have been autumn 2015 I think, and I remember picking a guy up in the West End during night shift.

It was around 10pm-ish and I had been out for about an hour or so just getting set for the long night ahead.

“George Street, driver!” he cried.

First thing I noticed was his accent from the Western Islands, which was very distinctive, years behind the wheel fine-tune your appreciation of these things.

I thought ... nothing unusual, plenty of islanders live in Glasgow.

It was also clear he’d had a few – nothing unusual there either – not too much right enough, he was just very quiet more than anything.

Anyway, we travelled the 10 minutes and got to George Street.

“£8.60 please mate,” I said.

“Where are we?” he asked.

“George Street, mate,” I replied.

“Naw naw this isna George Street, driver,” he insisted, which bemused me.

“Well, you better tell Glasgow City Cooncil that mate ‘cause that sign they put up says George Street!” I laughed.

“Naw, it’s George Street, Oban, did I not say?” ...

And we both burst out laughing.

“Naw you didn’t say but you have now so sit back and relax and I’ll get you there safely.

“Oh, and one other thing – it’ll not be £8.60 anymore.”

We both laughed.

Then I drove.

He slept.

We got there in the end and I had a nice little earner in the skyrocket.

And anytime I’ve been asked to drop at George Street since then, I’ve always double checked.

Stay safe.