DNA kits are being handed out to households in Bearsden to tackle break-ins. 

East Dunbartonshire community cops provided the DNA kits to homes in the Glasgow suburb and educated residents about crime prevention measures yesterday.

DNA kits are used to mark a household's property with a unique code and protect it from theft.

Police in the Glasgow division use the brand SelectaDNA which is a type of glue laced with microscopic barcodes called microdots that are unique to each bottle.

It is used to mark property, such as tablets, mobile phones or laptops, and then the number is recorded in a database so the items can be easily traced back to their owner.

The glue shows up under fluorescent light and a microscope is used to see the numbers on the microdots.

The measure was implemented last year in Govanhill. 

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Glasgow Times:

A spokesman for East Dunbartonshire Police said: "Stop, Think, Check when it comes to home and property security.

"Ensure you lock and secure your windows and doors when not in use, do not wedge doors open or leave them insecure."

The Glasgow Times understands the measure has been implemented due to a number of break-ins in the area.