HE is already celebrated with a statue in Brazil, where he's hailed as the man who introduced the country to its passion for football. 

But Thomas Donohoe is not yet honoured in his hometown of Busby, East Renfrewshire. 

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Glasgow Times: Work-in-progress picture of Kate Robinson's mould for Thomas' Busy statue Work-in-progress picture of Kate Robinson's mould for Thomas' Busy statue

Council bosses in the quiet town outside Glasgow are planning for the footballing legend to be commemorated where he was born in 1863. 

A print worker in local cotton mills, Thomas moved to the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Bangu in 1894, after a decline in the industry's fortunes in Scotland

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Thomas brought with him his wife, two children and a love for the beautiful game. 

Glasgow Times: Picture credit – Clecio RegisPicture credit – Clecio RegisThe first football match in Brazil was organised by Thomas and took place in August 1894.

He began to organise football matches at the Bangu Mill where he worked and struck up local competitions with other migrant groups and workplaces.

From these humble beginnings, the game went on to become the premier sport of Brazil with Donohoe playing a key role.

Today, football has become an essential part of Brazilian culture and the local Bangu football team, Bangu Atlético, take great pride in the contribution their Thomas made to Brazilian football.

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The team commissioned a five-metre tall statue of him which was unveiled to mark the 2014 World Cup.

Artist Kate Robinson will design and create the new sculpture to be placed in Busby.

She said: "The international aspect of Thomas Donohue's story was one of the things that inspired me - the connections between people in Scotland and Brazil. I am creating the bust of Thomas in clay and then the model is cast in carbon fibre. Modelling in clay is like telling a story in three dimensions."

Tony Buchanan, the leader of East Renfrewshire council, said: “Already honoured with a sculpture in Brazil, I think it is fitting that we pay tribute to football legend Thomas Donohoe, in his home town of Busby."