WHAT a joy it was to hear Jimmy on the wireless on Monday. Who is Jimmy, I hear you ask?

Well, Jimmy is the living legend who has been responsible for the names you see on the back of Glasgow taxis appearing for more than 50 years.

This subject came up out of the blue on the Bowie at Breakfast show on Radio Clyde on Monday morning, when host George Bowie and sidekick Cassi posed the question – who actually does this?!

The “godfather”, they temporarily called the man behind it as they launched the search for the individual who carries out this unique task.

In true Glasgow style, it didn’t take long until Jimmy was traced and on air, explaining his background, his role and the history of names appearing on the back of Glasgow taxis.

We can’t claim exclusivity on this, by the way, as it happens in Clydebank, Airdrie, Coatbridge and the likes but it most definitely can be considered a Glasgow tradition.

Listening to Jimmy live on air, I laughed as he told of the chap in Clydebank who had nine different names on the back of his taxi. Busy boy! Of course, it’s not just children, it can be grandchildren and great grandchildren too. And it’s not just people, it can be pets, as it has increasingly become the case in recent years.

Hence why you might see “Michael” and “Emma” on the back of one cab but “Rover” and “Pickle” on the reverse of the next.

You’ll get the odd leftfield one – I’m sure I’ve spotted a “Swell Mel”! – but one thing is certain, there will never be anything offensive, this is an unblemished tradition. So why do we do it?

I can’t speak for everyone, but it is one way of keeping our families and loved ones close to us while we are out doing long shifts, reminding us why we are doing it and giving us a reason to smile when we see those names during quiet times at the rank.

It adds pride and is a personal touch that means we are never really alone while driving our taxis.

So what names are on the back of my cab?

No danger a secret Glasgow Taxi driver is giving that info away! Final word on Jimmy, who has helped legally paint thousands of these inch-high names onto thousands of cabs over the years …

Godfather – lang may yer lum reek! Stay safe.