A FAMILY are desperately appealing for help after their beloved pet cockatiel went missing on Tuesday.

Two-year-old Jasper escaped through an open door at his home in Clarkston three days ago and since then he has been spotted by several members of the public after owner Sharon-Anne Moore posted on the Lost Pets Glasgow Facebook group.

He has been seen in Rouken Glen Park, the Sainsbury’s and McDonald’s car parks in Darnley, and Pollok centre, but so far no one has been able to capture him.

Glasgow Times:

Jasper’s owner Sharon-Anne Moore says the family are “heartbroken” he is missing and are worried about how scared he is.

She said: “He’s my little boy’s best friend, my children absolutely dote on him.

“He eats his meals with us, he’s with us wherever we are in the house, he plays peekaboo with my children all day, that’s his favourite thing to do.

“He says ‘I love you’ to them, he can sing all sorts of songs, he’s always following my children around everywhere, he sits and plays with them.

“He doesn’t like to be on his own.”

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Glasgow Times:

Sharon said she believes Jasper has been staying near busy areas in an effort to get help and if anyone sees him they should try to contain him.  

She said: “If you happen to have any food on you, crisps or anything like that, you could drop the crisps on the ground or shake the packet to attract his attention.

“In order to capture him it’s literally just a case of putting something over the top of him, like your jacket or a towel, or a blanket, whatever you’ve got to hand just to stop him from flying away.”

Glasgow Times:

She added: “If anybody does see him and are maybe a little bit afraid of birds, please don’t be afraid of him because he looks to you for safety and he just needs someone to help him.”

Jasper was last seen yesterday morning in Pollok centre.

If anyone sees or is able to capture Jasper, call the SSPCA on 03000 999 999 or take him to the nearest vet.