HOW good was that Scotland game on Saturday?

I say this with calculated risk as deadlines mean this week’s column is written prior to last night’s game away to the Faroe Islands … so we’ll either have bagged another win and stepped to a World Cup play-off, or absolutely ruined it!!!

Fingers crossed.

Anyway, a very noisy full house at Hampden, witnessing a dramatic injury time winner under the floodlights, was just the tonic wasn’t it.

Felt like a proper Scotland Saturday, for the first time in a long time.

You really do get all sorts of punters in your taxi on the day of a big game at Hampden.

But the story in yesterday’s Herald Diary did make me laugh.

Here it is: The Diary has proof that Scottish footie fans are a genteel breed, as sophisticated and well-bred as any peer of the realm.

Reader Becky Burns was in a bus leaving Glasgow city centre a couple of hours before Saturday’s Scotland-Israel match when she glanced out the window at a passing taxi.

The back door of the cab swung open, a chap bedecked in tartan regalia leaned out, and vomited most prodigiously on the road.

He then swayed back into the cab, slamming the door shut.

Says Becky: “I was impressed that this mannerly chap understood that it’s more polite to hurl one’s digested breakfast out of a cab, rather than in it. Such a nuanced approach to etiquette ... surely this is the very fellow to take home and introduce to mama and papa?”

Ha, ha – thanks Becky – sounds like the fella for you!

That’s a story all drivers can relate to, nothing worse, but fair play to the chap for exiting the taxi before … well, let’s not get too graphic here!

Here’s hoping we have a huge Hampden play-off to look forward to on the road to Qatar.

“Road to Qatar” … checks maps … yip, a seed has just been planted.

That’s the best part of 5000 miles, could be a lovely drive next November, who’s in?

Let’s just leave Spewy Hughie behind – not sure he could cope!

Stay safe.