Environmentalists have teamed up with Skypark to shine a giant projection reminding world leaders they should keep the climate promises made at COP26. 

WWF will project its #WeWontForget Campaign into Glasgow’s skyline as a warning to politicians attending the summit. 

The projection will highlight five key climate promises:

  • The 1.5°C warming limit will be kept within reach   
  • The UK will be net zero by 2050
  • Vital forests like the Amazon will be protected
  • Money will be redirected away from climate polluters 
  • Nature will be at the heart of climate action 

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Jack Lundie of WWF said: “With nature in freefall and scientists issuing a code red for humanity, this projection will show world leaders gathered in Glasgow that we won’t forget the promises that have been made.  

“Leaders need to be pulling every lever at their disposal to accelerate climate action if we are to keep global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. Future generations won’t forget and won’t forgive those who fail to act.”

“The world still has a chance to turn away from climate disaster. We need everyone to join us in reminding Prime Ministers and Presidents of the promises they must keep.”

WWF is also asking the public to make their own promises for the planet by downloading and using its My Footprint app which helps users track and improve their environmental impact.

Skypark’s strategic lettings advisor Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital said: “As the world looks to Glasgow during COP26, we are proud that WWF’s #WeWontForget campaign will be visible from Skypark for everyone in an everyday space. 

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“With climate change a priority here, we are undergoing considerable investment in the site creating new Platinum Certification by CyclingScore, cycling facilities, improved recycling for all waste, electric car charging points and reduced car parking, as we refocus its place in the local and business community.”