Cleaner streets is a priority for people in the north of Glasgow.

Cleansing has been a high profile issue in Glasgow over the last two years and in the streets of a community the people say rubbish and rodents are a serious problem.

In today’s Election 2022 special, the Glasgow Times looks at wards in the north of the city and spoke to people in Saracen Street, Possilpark.

The Canal ward takes in Hamiltonhill, Possilpark, Ruchill, Milton, Parkhouse, Lambhill and Cadder.

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The ward has many problems that need help from council and government,

It is among the most deprived in the city and has around 30% of working age adults on benefits, the most common being ESA and incapacity benefits.

Glasgow Times:

In Saracen Street local people said they want to see the streets cleaned up.

One woman, who didn’t wish to give her name, said dirty streets and rats were the biggest problem.

She said: “I have seen rats when I’m putting by bins out. Lots of other people say the same. It gets reported but nothing seems to get done.

“The bins on the streets are overflowing and the back courts need to be cleaner.”

Glasgow Times:

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As we spoke a man walked past and dropped litter on the street right beside a bin and walked on.

Dog fouling and fly tipping is an issue that is obvious to anyone walking the nearby streets.

The woman said here is a lack of community facilities for young people.

She added: “There are groups and things for under 12s but not for older kids, so they end up hanging around the street.”

Saracen Street is still a busy shopping street and has few empty units with a variety of traders catering for the local population.

Paige Khan has just opened her first business, Babycakes on Saracen Street, with her business partner, Kimberly Macdonald.

Glasgow Times:

She believes, despite the areas problems, she has found the right location.

Paige, 22, said: “We saw the street was getting done up with improvements and new signs for shops.

“I remember it from a few years ago and maybe people thought it wasn’t the best area but it is getting better.

“The people are really good and have been asking what we are doing when we were getting the shop ready and saying they hope the shop does well.

“Everyone knows everyone on the street.

“There is litter everywhere and that could be improved.”

Other people on the main street were not impressed when asked what they though could be done to make it better.

One woman shrugged and said: “Look around you. You can see for yourself.”

Canal will elect four councillors.

The SNP are standing three candidates and Labour two.

The SNP and Labour were well ahead of the other parties last time and the only contest would seem to be whether the SNP is successful in getting three councillors elected instead of two.

Allan Gow, a former City Treasurer, who also challenged Susan Aitken for the SNP group leadership is standing again as is Jacqueline McLaren with Sandra Watson hoping to take a third seat in the ward for the SNP.

Labour councillor Robert Mooney is seeking re-election and Fiona Higgins is the party’s other candidate, after Gary Gray died earlier this year.

The Conservatives, Greens, Liberal Democrats and Alba are also fielding one candidate each.

Brian Land a local man is sanding as an independent candidate.

The other wards in the north are Maryhill, Springburn, North East and Anderston City.

In Maryhill, three councillors will be elected in another ward which will help to decide the balance of power.

Last time the SNP took two to Labour’s one. Both parties are fielding two candidates with the LibDems, Conservatives and Greens and the Freedom Alliance standing one each.

In 2017 the SNP were well ahead of labour in winning the third seat.

Springburn/Robroyston will elect four members. The SNP and Labour are both standing two candidates and the ward is likely to return the same result again.

The SNP are standing the same two candidates as before in Christina Cannon and Graham Campbell.

Labour have two new candidates in Audrey Dempsey and Thomas Rannachan.

The Conservatives, LibDems, Greens and Alba are also standing in the ward.

North East will have three councillors.

In 2017, Labour’s Maureen Burke was elected with the most first preference votes.

The SNP ended up with two to Labour’s one with Ruairi Kelly and Mandy Morgan taking seats.

All three sitting councillors are standing for re-election with Sharon Greer also standing for Labour.

Trade Union and Socialist Alliance, Greens, Conservatives and Scottish Libertarian party are also standing in the ward.

Anderston/City/Yorkhill will choose four councillors.Labour and the SNP are standing two each including current Lord Provost Philip Braat for Labour and Eva Bolander of the SNP who he replaced. In 2017 the SNP won two, Labour one and the Greens one.

The Greens, Tories, libDems, Libertarians and two independents are standing.